Hello, I'm Nick!

Hello fellow coders/hackers,

My name is Nick, started playing CO in 2009 and played around with developing bots for the game back then. After a long time of botting other games (LoL, OSRS) and learning how to code C# properly I decided to come back in 2020 to make a bot for CO again. This time with the new knowledge I have obtained.

I'll be lurking around here, posting some of the progress and findings I do :)

It's good to be back after 10 years and seeing Spirited is still around :)

Hello, I'm Nick!

Welcome! Botting in retail has gotten much more complicated since 2009. Unfortunately, it's not a matter of disinterest in botting that killed the botting scene, it's a matter of complexity and maintenance to keep up. I'm not entirely sure if it's worth it for clientless botting, but you might be able to get away with running a bot through the client.
Interested in my work?

If you wanna learn more about me and my projects: visit my portfolio website. There, you can find my free, open-source work and articles about game development. Due to contractual restrictions: I am not available for job requests or volunteer work.

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