Guide: Server Downloads


These are my personal recommendations for private server sources from across the internet. Some are pretty messy, and some are clean but incomplete. For reliability, I have taken the liberty of mirroring legacy sources that are no longer available or guarded behind a registration wall. For newer sources, I link to the git repository or thread from Cooldown. I grouped and sorted servers by patch/alphabetically.


If you're looking for a base source, my source Comet supports multiple patches.
Otherwise, here are other sources from the community:
  • 4267 - CoFuture (Korvacs): Fairly complete, but messy; a very early source in the community
  • 5016 - COPSv6 (CptSky): A French emulator for Conquer, with mostly complete systems and accurate algorithms
  • 5017 - ConquerServer (Hybrid): A fairly organized base project with limited features
  • 5065 - COPSv7 (CptSky): A Qt C++ source that's very organized
  • 5065 - Redux (Pro4Never): A fairly complete and organized server, but lacks good documentation
  • 5095 - CoEmu v2 Nano (Andy): Not a great source, but functional and mostly complete
  • 5135 - ConquerServer v2 (Hybrid): Organized and well coded, but can be difficult for newcomers
  • 5165 - Impulse's Base (Impulse): Fairly organized and easy to understand, but not a great reference for in-game systems
  • 5187 - Project Exodus (ImmuneOne): Organized base source using a TQ binary database
  • 5290 - Project Exodus (ImmuneOne / Pro4Never): Upgraded version of the 5187 Project Exodus base project
  • 5517 - ConquerServer v2 (Hybrid / CrystalCastle): Upgraded to work with the new encryption and packets
  • 5517 - Albertros (Pro4Never): Fairly complete and organized, but could use with better multithreading patterns
  • 5619 - ConquerServer v3 (Hybrid): Base with good organization and interesting project features
If you don't see your source here, contact me privately and make sure it's posted to these forums.

Getting Started

Most sources listed here are written in C# with .NET Framework 4. You can download the latest version of Visual Studio Community for free. Be sure to install the IDE with the C# feature checked. Sources also mostly use MySQL databases to save accounts and character information. If you see a reference to MySQL in the source code, then I recommend downloading MariaDB (a MySQL drop-in replacement) and MySQL Workbench. Install with legacy authentication if given the option, since all sources here currently don't support the newer authentication version. You should also upgrade your source's MySQL client library dependencies.

Having trouble setting up a server? Search the forums with your question, and post a new thread if you're still having troubles. Good luck and have fun!
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