[HCO] Heartless Conquer

Heartless Conquer is my attempt at getting as close as I can to what I remember being the good old days with modifications implemented in for convenience. I started playing Conquer Online over a decade ago and after they updated the game straying away from what I love, I finally quit. In recent years I have been looking for online games, but nothing could really bring me back to those early days of Conquer Online. I have played a few private servers on here; some were good and others not so much. Recently I decided why not make a server of my own and fix what I think are flaws in other servers I did not like. So here I present my version of a classic conquer online. I do not claim this to be a pure classic server due to the quests and events I have in the server. Also, another disclaimer, I am still learning about programming and in no shape or form claiming to be an expert.

Server Information:
- Original 4 Classes (Trojan, Warrior, Archer, and Taoist)
- No CP/ShoppingMall
- No Battle Power
- Medium Rates
- Max Bless -5
- Level 130
- Max +9
- 1 RB

Besides the generic PassTheBomb, LastManStanding, Five-N-Out etc…we have;
1. The H.E.A.R.T.❤. quest where you collect letters that are dropped from monsters outside TC and can claim your rewards at the NPC outside TC
2. HOPs quest outside AC
3. Cathy quest outside BI (Modified rewards)
4. MagicBottle/Miraculous Gourd Quest
5. Cloud Diamond (Modified from original)
6. Holiday Quests

What make us special?
- Simple, I took my time to edit all the npc face. Which mean male npc to male face, and female npc to female face. This is something all other servers are missing.
- Bringing new CO monster into classic and make some replacement, same goes with bosses.

For more information, you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/2Xq9veVNyV
And for our website: https://heartlessconquer.com/

I hope to see you all give my server a try. Thank you!

Re: [HCO] Heartless Conquer

Forgot to mention, the register page is not working. Also special credit goes to Ultimation for ruined my project. [SQL injected my database] I hope that he's not here but still thanks to him.

Here are some user and pass, if anyone want to give my server a try.

User: 1 pass: 1
User: 2 pass: 2
User: 3 pass: 3
User: 4 pass: 4
User: 5 pass: 5
User: 6 pass: 6
User: 7 pass: 7
User: 8 pass: 8
User: 9 pass: 9

Re: [HCO] Heartless Conquer

Hey there, sorry - I'm going to have to close this. Our rules do state that passwords can't be stored in plain text. As much as it was extremely wrong of Ultimation to post plain text account information from your server, it is proof that your server isn't safe for players. If you can show that your passwords and sensitive account data are being hashed, then I'd be glad to re-open this thread. Thanks.