Hello, I'm Donovan

Hey guys,

I'm Donovan, like everyone here I guess I was playing conquer 10 years ago. Now I'm 25 and working as Infrastructure / Cloud architect and also helping sometimes on some programming (I've opened my own company and working as a consultant for the moment).

I've discovered this website through Spirited's GitLab Comet project, which I found very interesting and kind of motivating for my next personal project, which is to make a conquer private server with a rework on the network part (load balancing workload, latency improving across the world, maybe why not try to split it in kubernetes).

I don't have a lot of knowledge yet to conquer server infrastructure and the possibilities to achieve what I want but I'll give a try.

I also really appreciate this kind of forum where people shares their knowledge without getting spammed by stupid questions or just by people want to get a fight because they're bored.

BTW if you have any documentation or good tutorials, I'll take them with pleasure :happy:

Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

Hello, I'm Donovan

Welcome to the board! Yeah, if you have any ideas for tutorials / documentation, just let me know.
Interested in my work?

If you wanna learn more about me and my projects: visit my portfolio website. There, you can find my free, open-source work and articles about game development. Due to contractual restrictions: I am not available for job requests or volunteer work.

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