Welcome back to Cooldown!

Hi all,

Welcome back to the board! If you're joining for the first time, then thanks for joining us!

You might notice the board has undergone a lot of changes since it was last online. We're now using completely open source software for hosting forums. This has led to a few improvements such as new dark and light themes, a new logo, cleaner forum announcements, etc. Ultimately though, the use of open source software aims to improve the longevity of the board - which is my top priority. I've taken a lot of steps to ensure the board can remain running for the foreseeable future with reasonable costs.

As I continue to work on board features and tighten up the experience, take some time to introduce yourself:
Cooldown - Introductions

Enjoy your stay, and feel free to send me a PM if you experience a problem with the new board.

Best Regards,
Spirited & Staff
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