Is it possible to add new player faces?


I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to add new player faces without replacing any of the existing ones. This is proving to be more difficult than I would have guessed. If it matters, this is on a 5187 client.

Here's what I know so far:
All the images are stored in \data\PlayerFace
The images are connected to a face ID via \ani\PlayerFace.ani
Clicking on the Beautician in-game doesn't actually send anything to the server, it's all handled client-side until you click the "Change" button

As a quick test I duplicated the male face 107 and renamed it to 108, and verified there was an entry for [Face108] in the ani file that points to
I duplicated and renamed 107 in the \JPG\64 and \JPG\16 folder as well, just in case the Beautician looked at those.
Alas, the Beautician doesn't show the newly added face 108 at the end of the list. However if a character in the DB is manually edited to have face 108, then it displays fine in-game when you mouse over them.

I've done some pretty heavy searching for "face", "avatar", "look", "beautician", etc in the client's files to try to uncover any other files that pertain to the Beautician's UI, but haven't found anything of note. I'm beginning to fear there's some hard-coded number somewhere (possibly in the client's binary) that dictates the total/max number of faces to display, something that TQ would have manually increased from 102 to 107 when they added the ninja avatars, for example.

As a worst case scenario/work around, I could create a new (normal text-based) NPC named Beautician2, stick them beside the original NPC, and use the regular dialogue interface to list out a bunch of options that players could choose "Face108", "Face109", etc, sorta like the hairstyle NPCs, and let the player mouse over their character to see each of the new ones. I'd like to avoid that if possible though.

Does anybody happen to know the secrets to wrestling the Beautician into submission?