Wildswan - Purest Classic 1.0

Wildswan Conquer

Purest Classic 1.0
We here targeting the nostalgia version of conquer online 1.0 version, that when we love it!

Grand Opening
April 27, 2021

What makes our Server special?
No battle power, extra classes, spells, dragon souls, lottery, CPs, etc.
Exact damage calculations
Level 130 max, 1st reborn, and +9 items max
Exact rates for items, drops, sockets, mining, etc.
PVP/PVE events like (Dragonwar, Lastman standing, Meteor shower, etc..)
Demon Exterminator, Moonbox quest, Snake King, etc.
Hourly Bosses that drop Special rewards such as Moonbox, Celestial stone, Dragonballs, etc...

What makes our Client special?
1.0 Client with many modifications
Players HP-bar
Custom anti-cheat
Runs at any custom resolutions
Control your FPS settings
Performance improvements
Improved exit dialog

Website: https://wildswanco.com
Download the game: https://wildswanco.com/download
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