Readme: Board Rules

Hello there!

Welcome to Cooldown! We're a programming and game development board, welcoming programmers of all levels of experience. Whether you're starting a new game or you're new to programming, you'll find support and a helping hand from our members. That being said, our members are generally here to participate in the online community - hostility is always unnecessary and unwelcome. Though most of our rules are common sense, we ask that you please take a minute to skim through and get caught up before posting.
  • Duplicate Accounts: Please don't create multiple accounts. This leads to unbalanced debates and feedback.
  • English: Please keep posts in English to make it easier to moderate content.
  • Licenses: Please only post work you have permission to redistribute, be that by software license or written permission.
  • Politeness: Our members aren't out to get you. Any provocative messages will be deleted.
  • Poaching: Please don't send unsolicited PMs to members or create threads regarding hired work.
  • Spam: Spam advertisements and demands for code/tutorials will be deleted. Please don't double post within 24 hours.
  • Theft: All piracy, scams, and code theft will result in a permanent ban and will never be tolerated.
That's all. Keep in mind that the staff has flexibility when upholding these rules. Punishments will match the severity of the offense, and don't just include your activity on Cooldown. Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the forums.

Best Regards,
Spirited & Staff