Primal Conquer 1.0 | The Online Sensation

Introduction & Server Description:
Primal Conquer has been in development for 3 years now, It took us a year of constant rewrites and development to launch the server and we've been live for 2.5 years.
Took us this long to make sure everything is functional and is programmed in a correct way. It runs on an emulator that we wrote from scratch that shows great potential and exceptional performance, We've designed it to be fully dynamic and modifiable on run-time which eliminates the need for restarts and maintenance.

Gameplay wise, Primal conquer emulates the earlier stages of Conquer Online 1.0, Which makes it a home to those that are looking for the classic / old school style, Everything was implemented just the way it was in the early 1.0 days (We've of course implemented some Quality of life improvements but nothing that would break gameplay)

Our server is the closest to a true TQ classic conquer online experience, It's been proven year after year just how our emulation has gotten to such an authentic state and that boils down to hard work, dedication and paying attention to the smallest details and we continue to dive deeper in that direction.

Server Information:
- True 1.0 experience
- Original 4 classes.
- Level 130.
- Plus 9.
- 1st rebirth.
- No battle power.
- Medium rates.
- No P2W.
- Constantly updated. (changelog)
- Growing & friendly community.
- Active staff.

Source Features:
- Custom source written from scratch that is battle tested and has been under development and optimizations for the past 3 years.
-- Used Languages: C#, C++, HTML, ASP.NET, JS, Vue.
- Proper server architecture and design & split projects for Logon - World - Hub - Discord - Framework - Website - Anticheat.
- Runs on the latest .netframework and can run on Windows & Linux.
- Dynamic and modifiable on runtime using a scripting engine which eliminates the need for reboots. (Except for major core updates).
- Proper networking.
- Proper Multithreading and Tasking.
- Verbose logging system.
- Bruteforce and Flood protection systems.

Server Features:
- Original TQ calculations.
- Properly implemented spell sorts and algorithms.
- Proper stacking using guards/ghosts.
- Real-time statistics and Discord integration.
- All TQ Quests are implemented such Snake King, BlueMouse, Ancient Devil, DisCity, Moonbox, etc..
- PvP, PvE & Seasonal events.
- Duel & Powerleveling bots.
- A fast, User Friendly launcher and installation wizard to ensure the easiest installation in just a matter of clicks!
- Each accounts can have up to 5 characters that are usable simultaneously.
- Epic battles in guild Wars, City Wars, ElitePK, ClassPK and invasions.

Why Choose us?
Our vision and our goal is to provide the ultimate and most authentic conquer 1.0 experience, We want our players to feel the nostalgia and relive the golden days of conquer online and really get back to their childhood feels, Longevity is something that seems to be lacking in the private server scene at the moment and we're doing our best to ensure a longer life span for the server.

We value the effort players put into their accounts, characters and equipment so rest assured that you’ll run into no trouble what so ever in regards to accounts, characters or equipment loss and that your efforts are in the hands of a more than capable team that will maintain and run the servers as smooth and as professional as possible, This has been proven as we've had ZERO hiccups, rollbacks, wipes or resets over the 2.5 years we've been running.

We also communicate with our community at a level of transparency never seen before, Any change no matter how small is documented and shown in our patch notes.

So what are you waiting for? Join us along with hundreds of others on this epic journey and give Primal Conquer a try and experience the most authentic conquer online server and join The Online Sensation!

Website: here
Downloads: here
Support & Chat: here
Changelog: here