Windows 10 Aero, Anyone?

Hi! Haven't posted in a while and don't have anything project worthy to yap about, so I figured I'd share some screenshots of this little transformation project I've undertaken! And my reason as to why I'd do such a thing to begin with.

Experiencing this is really exciting for me because Windows 7 represented a little pocket of happiness in my life. Some of my fondest memories are playing Conquer Online, jamming to whatever songs I had downloaded from some sketchy site/app in my Windows Media Player. Studying programming on the weekends. Giving people like Spirited headaches with my irritating teenage-level understanding questions via forums. 😅 I even remember using Visual Studio Express 2008, back when light themes were your only option so writing C# came at the cost of your retinas!

Frutiger aero/skeuomorphism design, to me, had an element to it that in hindsight felt so happy. So promising. Like the future contained an infinite set of possibilities and whatever those were, were potentials to look forward to. For some reason, embracing that gives me a little bit of that feeling back. It also provides me a sense of rebellion towards a company who continues to steer their OS in a direction I genuinely do not agree with. There's an element of magic in being able to say: This is *my* Windows, and I've crafted my experience to be something that makes me feel good. So I plan on holding onto that magic and letting it be a source of motivation.

Anyway, life story over. Without further ado, Windows 10: Aero Edition! :3
Not pictured: Action center, other flyouts with proper theming, Windows 7 style alt-tabbing, start menu, various control panel applets

Disclaimer: I have not developed any of the applications, modules, or themes to make this happen. This is just me stitching together the various works of the fine people over at - Doing such a thing puts you at a security risk, may break parts of your operating system, or worse: renders your system inoperable. Please be cautious if you attempt anything like this. Do not run any code you're not able to audit or cannot be confident in the source of. Firefox theme credit belongs to the Echelon team.

Windows 10 Aero, Anyone?

Nice. I remember when Windows Blinds used to be a thing and everyone had a customized Windows XP desktop to make it look like glass. Lol
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Windows 10 Aero, Anyone?

Spirited wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 4:32 am Nice. I remember when Windows Blinds used to be a thing and everyone had a customized Windows XP desktop to make it look like glass. Lol
Surprisingly it's still around somehow (and the company behind it makes Games I guess?) lol. But I think these days what it's capable of is a lot less than it used to with Microsoft changing so much with the recent W11 updates.