Canyon Suite: A Comet project (for 6192)

Thank you, it has helped me a lot, it took me a while to understand the LUA system but I have managed to modify the system to create dialogues and actions of the npc from lua functions
I still use cq_action for the main call so I can call actions, params(args) and lua functions
110000 0 0 20002 0 NpcExcecuteTest
110001 0 0 20002 0 NpcExcecuteTest_Option1
110002 0 0 20002 0 NpcExcecuteTest_Option2
110003 0 0 20002 0 NpcExcecuteTest_DarDinero
110004 0 0 20002 0 NpcExcecuteTest_DarCPS

Canyon Suite: A Comet project (for 6192)

thesamuraivega wrote: Mon Apr 08, 2024 10:51 pm Thank you, it has helped me a lot, it took me a while to understand the LUA system but I have managed to modify the system to create dialogues and actions of the npc from lua functions
You don't need to use actions, you can do everything from the LUA Script.
If you have the leaked LUAs, there are some functions..

Code: Select all

-- 101 Sys_DialogText(sText,nline)
-- 102 Sys_DialogOption(sOptionText,strFunc,nAlign)
-- 103 Sys_DialogOptEdit(sText,nLen,sFunc,nPassword)
-- 104 Sys_DialogFace(nNpcID)
-- 105 Sys_MsgBox(sText,sFunc,sFailFunc)
-- 120 Sys_DialogEnd(strFunc)
-- 123 Sys_ChkFullTime(sParam)
-- 124 Sys_PostCmd(nData)
-- 125 Sys_NormalBroadcast(sContent)
-- 125 Sys_ActionBroadcast(sContent)
-- 125 Sys_TeamBroadcast(sContent)
-- 125 Sys_SystemBroadcast(sContent)
-- 125 Sys_TalkBroadcast(sContent)
-- 125 Sys_GmBroadcast(sContent)
-- 129 Sys_InviteFilter(nInivteId,sParam)
-- 129 Sys_DelInvite(nInivteId)
-- 130 Sys_InviteTrans(nMapId,tTransPosx,nStrSendInviteId,nStrTransOKId,nInviteId,nCloseSecs)
-- 131 Sys_GotoSomeWhere(nPosX,nPosY,nMapId,nNpcId,nUserId)

-- 对应actiontype = 113
-- 清除对话框Task计数
-- 参数1:idUser表示玩家ID, 填0表示自己。如果失败返回false,成功返回true.
-- bool MenuTaskClear(UINT idUser);
-- Sys_DialogTaskClear()

-- #判断是否打开二级密码
-- 对应ACTION:1053
-- LUA接口:IsOpenSecondPWD
-- 参数1:玩家id
-- 返回值:true表示打开二级密码 false表示没有打开二级密码
-- Sys_IsOpenSecondPWD(nUserId)
I'm adding some LUA files here instead of writing to the post.
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Don't PM me, I won't give Canyon 6192 complete lua or database.

Canyon Suite: A Comet project (for 6090)

List wrote: Wed Aug 09, 2023 12:42 pm First, thank you for your good work, but I have some suggestions, with artificial intelligence, why is there no cross server system, transfer servers, and why is there no build, complete with script
Artificial intelligence isn't a replacement for real intelligence and talent. It can only do so much using guesses at what problems are solved by Stack Overflow. It's no more helpful than Googling, and may be worse since it only gives you a single opinion without source references. I strongly advise against the use of AI in Conquer Online server development. It has no idea what Conquer's internal data structures or messages are, nor the contents and meaning of your own source / this project. A "prompt engineer" is not an actual engineer.

With that said, a reminder to the community when working with these LUA scripts: they are from a binary leak from TQ, and distributing them is not allowed here. You're welcome to talk about them here, just don't distribute them. Thanks!
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Canyon Suite: A Comet project (for 6192)

Konichu wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 3:55 am I cannot say that it never happened, I had to restart the account server a few times, but it wasnt often.
Did you notice if the problem is on the account or game server?
I think it is in the account service because I restart it and I can now log in.
I don't really know where the problem is, but try entering and exiting one or more accounts several times and you will find the error.