Can I get some pointers?

Hi there! so, a bit about myself, I am a recent Computer Science graduate, and have done my Bachelor's in Autonomous Applications using Computer Vision, this is only relevant to say that I know my way around programming in general, my specialty is of course Python but I have dabbled in Java and C# over the years, my exposure to C++/C has been very minimal, that is to say, playing around with addresses and offsets and such is far from my comfort zone.

Anyway, let's get to the meat of the thread, I've recently taken an interest in Reverse Engineering and I want to do a little project to automate some stuff in Conquer. I have found Th3-0b3l1sk's PsPsEye and although it seems very well documented and written, I just found myself lost half the time with what the code is trying to achieve, I've looked around in other forums and most if not all guides and tutorials are almost a decade old, or even older! I am sure a lot has changed since then.

I am wondering if there some some recent really simple skeleton guide somewhere that I haven't stumbled upon yet. I am talking something as simple as automatically jumping in one direction or so, I just want to get into the groove of things.

Thanks in advance for any input :)