Beginner’s Set Up of the Comet Server for Conquer Online


This document is designed to help beginners set up a Comet server for Conquer Online. It covers my experience setting up the server from downloading the game client to configuring your server and database.

Download the Client:

Download the Client:

Download the Conquer Online client compatible with the Comet server version you're planning to use (e.g., patch 4294).
You can check out a list of clients here: co-private-servers/guide-client-patch-notes-t9.html

But just make sure it matches one of the clients that is supported by the comet server (you can also view them on the Comet GitLab repo):
  • 4274 - One of the last stable patches for Conquer 1.0 with the legacy brown wood interface.
  • 4294 - One of the first stable patches for Conquer 2.0 with the blue fabric and stone interface.
  • 4343 - Adds potency and new currency, but does not include the pay-to-win shopping mall.
  • 5017 - Adds pay-to-win shopping mall, +12 items, WuXing Oven, new fonts, and more.
  • 5065 - Adds new watercolor client, new hairstyles, new equipment, and more.
  • 5187 - Adds talismans, ninjas, enlightenment, quiz show, mounts, clans, arena, and more.
Modifying the server.dat File:

Locate the server.dat file in your Conquer Online client directory.
Open it with a text editor and modify it to point to your server. For example:

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Using Conquer Loader (Maybe Optional):

If you want to use Conquer Loader, download it from a reliable source. I got mine from here -> ... er-v2.html
Place it in the Conquer Online client directory.
Configure it to connect to your server (similar settings as server.dat).

Setting Up the Development Environment
Description: Begin by cloning the Comet repository from GitLab.

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git clone
git switch <desired_branch>
Choose the branch corresponding to the Conquer Online client version.

Building the Project:

Install .NET 6 SDK from the official Microsoft website. (It has to be Version 6)
Open the project in an IDE (like Visual Studio Code) and build it using:

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dotnet restore
dotnet build
Ensure that the config files look something like this:
The IP address can change depending on what you have on your ipconfig.
If its not a local address then I guess you will need to do some port forwarding.
But if its 192.168.x.x or 10.0.0.x or similar then it should be local.

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    "Database": {
        "Hostname": "localhost",
        "Schema": "",
        "Username": "root",
        "Password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"
    "GameNetwork": {
        "IPAddress": "10.0.0.x",
          "Port": 5816,
        "MaxConn": 100
    "RpcNetwork": {
        "IPAddress": "10.0.0.x",
          "Port": 5817
    "Authentication": {
        "StrictAuthPass": false


    "Database": {
        "Hostname": "localhost",
        "Schema": "comet.account",
        "Username": "root",
        "Password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"
    "Network": {
        "IPAddress": "10.0.0.x",
            "Port": 9958,
        "MaxConn": 100
Add you actual MySQL password instead of 'YOUR_PASSWORD'

Database Setup

Option 1: Using MariaDB Interface
Install MariaDB:

Download and install MariaDB from the official website.
Open MariaDB:

Launch MariaDB and access its interface.

Create Databases:

Navigate to the database creation section and create two databases named comet.account and
Import SQL Scripts:

Find the SQL scripts provided in the Comet repository (comet.account.sql and
Use the import function in MariaDB's interface to import these scripts into the respective databases.

Option 2: Using Command Line Interface
Access MariaDB CLI:

Open your command-line interface.
Connect to MariaDB by typing mysql -u root -p and enter your root password when prompted.

Create Databases:

Run the following commands to create the necessary databases:

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CREATE DATABASE comet.account;
You might need to put the database name in single quotes, im not sure. I'll test it out later.

Import SQL Scripts:

Navigate to the directory where your .sql files are located.
Run the following commands to import the scripts:

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mysql -u root -p comet.account < path_to_comet.account.sql
mysql -u root -p <

Replace path_to_comet.account.sql and with the actual file paths.

Configuring the comet.account Realm Table
Access the comet.account Database:

In MariaDB interface, select the comet.account database.
In CLI, type

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USE comet.account;

The realm table contains important server information. To configure it, run the following SQL command:

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INSERT INTO realm (Name, GameIPAddress, RpcIPAddress, GamePort, RpcPort) VALUES
('Comet', '10.0.0.x', '10.0.0.x', 5816, 5817);
Verify Configuration:

To check if the data is entered correctly, use:

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SELECT * FROM realm;
Running the servers and client

In VS Code open to terminals with one cd to the Comet.Game server and one cd to the Comet.Account server.

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dotnet run
on each.

Then open a separate cmd window and navigate (cd) into your Conquer Online client directory.

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conquer.exe blacknull
or use your Conquer Loader.

From here your Conquer client should open and you can login to the 'Comet' server.

I hope this is helpful. I will probably make edits on this post as I see fit or if anyone needs clarification or has improvements.