Hi, I'm Andrews Egas

Nice to be here, guys.
I'm 27, Agile Coach Brazilian/Portuguese IT Professional with 10 years of experience focused on delivering software.

Like the majority here I've played conquer maybe 12 years ago and I like to play in private servers just to remember that age,
I'm python developer and I've never developed games and this kind of software, it's new for me.

I got to run the comet project and played a bit, some bugs to fix and I'm learning step by step about conquer project,
I have a lot of questions about, quests, maps, NPCs and everything, I prefer to try to learn alone first, read code an try things before asking.

I'm here to help, ask and contribute with everything I can.


Hi, I'm Andrews Egas

Welcome! Comet is a skeleton project, but if your goal is to learn how game severs work, then it should help with that. It's fully documented for that purpose. If you're looking to have fun though, then Redux is a pretty simple starter that's mostly complete. Should get you right into programming NPCs and such. Regardless, happy to have you. Don't worry about contributing, but new tutorials are always awesome!
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If you wanna learn more about me and my projects: visit my portfolio website. There, you can find my free, open-source work and articles about game development. Due to contractual restrictions: I am not available for job requests or volunteer work.

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