I'm adrian

hello, friends!

my name is adrian prado, I'm brasilian and currently living here. I started with software development and technology since very young (about 12). nowadays, I'm part of the technology team of an affiliated with the greatest communication and tv broadcaster of latin america.

started to the development when I was searching for creating my first private server of Conquer Online (this was about 2008-2009), which was my favorite online game in that days. following my curiosity, I started by download some private server copies of some developers, made in C#, and started by changing little things, some texts, some numbers... and... I've never stopped.

every day is a new day, learning a little more. in all these past years, until now, I've focused for web and mobile applications development, changing my expertise not only for software development and design, but for engineering too. It's a whole world when we talk about IT, development, AI, and there we go...

I already was part of the members of Cooldown before it has gone down. joined once and again, because I miss a place here in Brasil (like this forum), where we can talk about game and software development, or anything else, but talking the same lang, with people who likes the same things or at least will got what I say; where we can help each other with the daily problems of this crazy world of the machines... do you know what I'm talking about?

I really think this place can be the place. so here I'm. to help and share, always.

software engineer

I'm adrian

"I've never stopped". Oh boy do I feel that. Lol
Welcome back to the community!
Interested in my work?

If you wanna learn more about me and my projects: visit my portfolio website. There, you can find my free, open-source work and articles about game development. Due to contractual restrictions: I am not available for job requests or volunteer work.

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