Readme: Server Advertisement Rules

Hey there,

Got a Conquer Online private server you'd like to share? That's great!
Before you do, please keep the following rules and guidelines in mind when advertising your server:
  • Do not create an account with the name of your server just to advertise.
  • Servers must not be shop focused or host real-money gambling.
  • Outgoing links must contain a link back to Cooldown so we can grow to better serve you and the community.
  • Outgoing links must be secured over HTTPS.
  • Account passwords must be hashed before being stored in a database, i.e. no plaintext passwords.
  • Account recovery must validate identity, i.e. please use email validation or security codes.
  • Server owners must advertise their servers, not members of the community.
  • Servers should not depend on dynamic DNS or VPN services such as Hamachi.
Servers that break these rules or are found to be offline will be hidden.
Threads should also not contain a large amount of images or text (please summarize your server).

Lastly, remember to be open-minded and honest when accepting feedback! All servers have growing pains, and we're here to help. If you have any questions about these rules or how best to advertise here, feel free to reach out to me or another staff member. Good luck and have fun!

Best Regards,
Spirited & Staff