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Hello there!

Welcome to the Conquer Online section. In addition to the regular board rules, which you can find here, I wanted to take a minute to outline more rules for this section. Conquer Online private server development struggles on other boards, and so these rules are more strictly enforced (just fyi).
  • Please no bot or hack requests for clients; this includes requests for mods.
  • Please no selling projects, code snippets, or tools without permission from the staff.
  • Please no posting or advertising compiled bots or reassembled executables.
  • Please don't post projects or code you don't own; this includes pirated and leaked code.
Also, please expect to have to modify code and learn how to program. Conquer Online private server development is guided by the open source community, not any official source. Post questions, but please consider these recommendations when making a new thread:
  • Give your thread a good name, please don't just say "Help".
  • Include a short summary of the problem.
  • Include what behavior you were expecting vs. the actual behavior you experienced.
  • Include your steps on how you reproduced the problem.
  • Include screenshots and errors related to the problem.
That's all. Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the forums.

Best Regards,
Spirited & Staff
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